Elliptical Research Foundation
A platform for collaborative artistic research, serving as a point of convergence for a network of researchers across different fields, interests, and attitudes toward knowledge production.

The Elliptical Research Foundation facilitates the connection of diverse researchers for the purpose of collaborative exchange, and the outcome of these activities are presented in the journal Emergent Orbits.

This publication, edited and curated by the ERF, creates a framework for two selected contributors to develop a shared research related to, but diverging from, their individual creative practices. Emergence results from a series of interactions between heterogeneous elements, producing an outcome that cannot be reduced to the sum or difference of these components of individual production. The structure of an open network of diverse researchers in different fields allows transdisciplinary study between participants of various interests and skills, either theoretical or practical, from anthropology to editorial design. The vision of the ERF is to encompass very different approaches and multi-cultural dialogue. Our aim is to animate a dialogue between different areas by offering a framework which helps the emergence of new, autonomous projects.

The first edition of Emergent Orbits is scheduled for online publication in the fall of 2013 with plans for a print version by 2014. Each edition of the journal will present the results of a collaborative episode, and whatever form of discursive or visual dialogue it produces. In this way, the journal will animate a series of visually and theoretically stimulating approaches to collaborative practice. There are no fixed instructions or restrictions that the invited contributors should follow, except to make the mechanics of their dialogue available to the editors. The role of the publication is to organize these materials, provide discursive support, and structure the display of the collaborations. The conceptual framework for the journal is mutable, focusing on symmetric and asymmetric developments in the practices of the contributors.

The first collaborative episodes are currently in production, and the first edition of the journal is planned for autumn, 2013. The contributors to the journal are selected by the ERF, but we welcome submissions for consideration for future collaborations. Please include a CV, link to online portfolio, artist statement, and a list of 10-20 of your primary artistic concerns (aesthetic, cultural, social, etc.). info@ellipticalresearchfoundation.com

Emergent Orbits Journal